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Orchid Growing For Newbies

Here are some orchid growing basics that you can begin using right now with everything that you must know.  Check out this article for all the information that you need to know right away.

tasmanianguy : "Great article about some simple orchid growing techniques you can use immediately."  |  the 24/05/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Newt Gingrich & The CELL Refuted by We Are Change Colorado PART 1

The War On Terror is a War on Liberty. It is an elaborate LIE intended to bring about a One World Government. The Bankers and the Shadow Government are murdering millions of innocent people for power and profit. You are next!!

tasmanianguy : "Great entertaining video of establishment republican getting owned!"  |  the 03/05/2011  |  Add or View Comment
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Craftsman Impact Driver

The powerful 19.2 Volt variable speed motor allows for 0-2500 RPM, no load speeds and provides the power to do most drilling and driving applications. The impacting mechanism produces 1500 in. lbs. of torque and 0-3500 impacts per minute to easily drive[...]

tasmanianguy : "Excellent drill and it works amazingly well for any job!!"  |  the 03/05/2011  |  Add or View Comment Fast Break for Traders

How did this all start? It all started in 1999 when President Bill Clinton and Congress deregulated the banking industry. Thus, from this point forward the banks had complete freedom to make loans to those who didn't qualify.

tasmanianguy : "Great article about how the financial collapse started back in 1999."  |  the 03/05/2011  |  Add or View Comment

How To Get Free Search Engine Traffic

Getting free search engine traffic isn't as hard as some people might let you believe. All you need is the right information, and in this article I explain exactly how to get targeted traffic to your websites.

tasmanianguy : "Amazing article with strategies that you can use to drive traffic to your website for FREE!"  |  the 26/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Feeding a Hermit Crab

Feeding a hermit crab can seem really difficult if you don't have the right information. Find out exactly how to feed your hermit crab including what types of food to feed them.  Start learning how to properly feed a hermit crab today.

tasmanianguy : "This is a great website for everything related to hermit crabs."  |  the 14/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment

The Economic Collapse

Are You Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse And The Next Great Depression?  Here is where you can find all the answers to properly surviving this economic collapse quickly and easily.  Find out what you need to do in order to make you and your[...]

tasmanianguy : "Find out how you can prepare for the economic collapse that is coming right away!!"  |  the 13/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment

YouTube - Ron Paul: We Can't Say Cut Spending For Food Stamps But NOT For The Military Industrial Complex!

Here is where Ron Paul discusses several spending cuts that need to be taken in order to get the government out of debt.  It is going to be a long process but as Paul explains you need to start somewhere and here is where you can begin to see the cuts.[...]

tasmanianguy : "If you want information on the different cuts that can be made, then check out this video right now."  |  the 13/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment

YouTube - Silver Shines as an Economic Solution

Idaho State Representative Phil Hart explains the "Idaho State Silver Gem Act" that he authored and plans to re-introduce next year. The Silver Gem Act allows the State Treasurer to sell and accept silver medallions for people to use any way they[...]

tasmanianguy : "Here is a great video of how silver coins can be made as currency in the US."  |  the 13/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Dwarf Hamster Care

Dwarf hamster care is an important element in the life of your dwarf hamster and you need to learn the basics if you want to have a healthy, vibrant, and playful pet. Check out this blog and get all the dwarf hamster care information you need.

tasmanianguy : "Great blog about dwarf hamster facts that you must know in order to care for them properly."  |  the 05/04/2011  |  Add or View Comment
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