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Tips for seat belt safety

Seat belts, generally known as safety belts, are an intrinsic part of every Automobile. Belts are fitted to car seats not only to keep you in upright position while driving but also to ensure your utmost safety in the event of a possible car accident.[...]  |  the 22/09/2013  |  Add or View Comment

A1 Dum Biryani in Nerul

Wanna try some mouth watering hyderabadi or lucknowi dum biryani in Navi Mumbai? Then, look no further. Just try A1 Dum Biryani Restaurant in Nerul. They have the most amazing dum biryanis, hands down! Their specialties are Dum Pukht style chicken biryani,[...]  |  the 09/08/2013  |  Add or View Comment

Check here for funny animal pics

Pet animals such as dogs and cats never cease to make us smile and marvel at their wonderful spirits. If you are in bad spirits, check out the funny animal pics at this brand new site = You'll laugh out loud watching these funny[...]  |  the 10/06/2013  |  Add or View Comment
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New air suspension for Hino Model 195

Hino Trucks announced a new air suspension designed exclusively for model 195 trucks at the ExpoCam show in Montreal recently. It will not be available on other Hino models. This new air suspension is ideal for transporting delicate shock sensitive cargo[...]  |  the 05/05/2013  |  Add or View Comment

Funny Kitten in a Box

My little is kitten is cute and playful. And, it loves to play with empty boxes - especially it loves to get inside the boxes and waits till someone finds her there. You can see how cute she looks when someone finds her out. Check this site for more cute[...]  |  the 31/01/2013  |  Add or View Comment

How to Prevent Flat Tires

Do you like the feeling of getting stranded on the side of the road when you get a flat tire? We surely want to avoid the trouble that comes with getting a flat tire. Check this useful article that outline some tips that will help you prevent a flat car[...]  |  the 30/11/2012  |  Add or View Comment

Benefits of used car auctions

Buying a used car through online car auctions is a great idea to save money in these days of economic downturn. In such online auto auctions you can get high quality cars with low mileage at low prices. And thanks to the internet, you can participate[...]  |  the 28/11/2012  |  Add or View Comment

Are you interested in learning Piano, but find those piano sheets a boring affairs? Well, with video tutorials, you can now learn piano without needing a teacher. At you will find virtually thousands of free piano lessons provided[...]  |  the 04/10/2012  |  Add or View Comment

Top 5 things that lower car fuel efficiency

Are you worried about the rising fuel prices? You can still keep your fuel cost within your budget if you know how to drive properly. Check this post for useful tips for improving fuel economy of your existing car.  |  the 21/09/2012  |  Add or View Comment

Ascent Infotech SEO Services

Ascent Infotech in Mumbai provides two days SEO Training courses as well as Training courses in Google Adwords. These training programs will help you to get your business website to the top of Google and other search engines. Check this site for more[...]  |  the 11/09/2012  |  Add or View Comment
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