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Date : the 19/12/2007
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In French Suburbs, Same Rage, but New Tactics - New York Times

PARIS, Nov. 27 — Two years after France’s immigrant suburbs exploded in rage, the rituals and acts of resentment have reappeared with an eerie sameness: roving gangs clashing with riot police forces, the government appealing for calm, residents complaining[...]  |  the 19/12/2007  |  Add or View Comment

US Department of State on France

France is a leader in Western Europe because of its size, location, and large economy, membership in European organizations, strong military posture, and energetic diplomacy. France generally has worked to strengthen the global economic and political[...]

O.Chevet : "An overview of France's history, economy, foreign relations, politics... lots of figures, good analysis"  |  the 19/12/2007  |  Add or View Comment

French President Nicolas Sarkozy wants Eric Clapton's ex Carla Bruni as wife No 3 | the Daily Mail

Newly-divorced French president Nicolas Sarkozy plans to marry his supermodel lover Carla Bruni. After a romance which began only last month and became fully public just this week, it has now emerged that the president has proposed. A source at his[...]

O.Chevet : "Why is information more direct abroad ?"  |  the 19/12/2007  |  Add or View Comment
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