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Ai Sugiyama, of Japan, returns the ball during her match against Greta Arn in the second round of the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament in Indian We

AP - Ai Sugiyama, of Japan, returns the ball during her match against Greta Arn in the second round of the Pacific Life Open tennis tournament in Indian Wells, Calif.  |  the 17/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Automotive aftermarket auto parts, automotive chemicals, car care products and retail accessories. -- Atlantic Pacific Automotive International Distributor

Atlantic Pacific Automotive International Distributor is America's largest independent discount auto parts distributor worldwide, since 1952.  |  the 12/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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Tabletop :: Axis & Allies: Pacific

Japan is about to launch one of the most infamous pre-emptive strikes in military history. Their target, the American Pacific Fleet moored in Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. In the weeks to come, other battles will add to the sting of allied defeats - Hong Kong,[...]  |  the 10/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

GameTap Thursday: Batman Returns with Aces of the Pacific (now landing in Port Royale)

Filed under: Mac, PC, Online Port Royale 2 joins the GameTap buffet this week for those looking to channel their inner accountant during the era of pirates on the high seas. It's hard to be an accessible economics simulator, but Port Royale 2 does it[...]  |  the 08/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

South Pacific's Paulo Szot on YouTube

I continue to come across images of opera star Paulo Szot. (All right, so I don't so much "come across" them as actively seek them out. What's your point?) Szot makes his Broadway debut this season with the current Lincoln...  |  the 06/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

[35] (4 recent saves , 4 total) matisse large cabinet by bungalow 5 | Pacific Home

kgm506 saved 2 hours ago at 05:28 PM PST on Mar 2, 2008 poerava originally saved 21 hours ago at 10:31 PM PST on Mar 1, 2008 Tag: cabinet » see more details  |  the 04/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Canon SD850 IS 8MP Camera $236 Shipped at OneCall

Get the Canon PowerShot SD850 IS 8 Megapixel Digital Camera for $300 - $64 instant savings = $236 shipped at OneCall. The SD850 IS features 8 megapixel still image capture, optical image stabilization for crisp shots even in lower light conditions, 4x[...]  |  the 02/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Navy Photos of Satellite Shootdown

Like something out of a Star Wars movie, the U.S. Navy shot down a wayward satellite on the first try late yesterday evening. The missile was launched from the cruiser Lake Erie, which was sitting out in the Pacific near...  |  the 29/02/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Admiral Presides over Peace in the Pacific

Navy Admiral Timothy Keating holds one of the U.S. military's most demanding jobs -- overseeing the command for more than half the world, including China. His job is preparing for conflict in the Asia Pacific, while making sure it doesn't happen.  |  the 27/02/2008  |  Add or View Comment

In the ‘South Pacific’ musical, why doesn’t the Navy know they’re fighting for freedom?

I love the musical “South Pacific,” but one thing always bothers me when I see it. When Emile de Becque asks the U.S. Navy and Marine officers what they’re fighting for in World War II, they can’t come up with...  |  the 23/02/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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