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Career Reinvention BootCamp teleclass starting May 6th!

Many people who read recent press that featured us (More magazine and The Wall Street Journal), emailed to find out when we were going to hold our flagship seminar, Career Reinvention BootCamp, in their area. Rather than running around to...  |  the 27/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

TV Squad Soap Report: Bold and not too nice right now

Filed under: OpEd, Daytime, Reality-FreeIn the DNA of all soaps is the idea that every story reflects the morality of the times. There are lessons to be learned from both the good characters as well as the villains. This is Soap Opera 101. Lately, though,[...]  |  the 25/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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Book-Beer Pairings (Part I): Arianna Huffington, Michael Chabon, Lauren Groff, and More

(Lauren Groff's Monsters paired with Brewery Ommegang's Three Philosophers, along with another great Ommegang beer, and an interloping stout.) For a long time, I’ve wondered why wine and food should have all the fun. Here at Omnivoracious, we also believe[...]  |  the 23/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Announcing SocialDevCamp East: Exploring the Future Direction of Social Media and the Web

Dave Troy and Ann Bernard (who met while doing an episode of Pulver TV) are putting on SocialDevCamp East, a Barcamp-style event focused on the future direction of social media and the web which will be taking place on May 10th in Baltimore, MD. The attendees[...]  |  the 21/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Your Two Cents: A kid's book that explains Mommy's plastic surgery: Yay or Nay?

Coming out this Mother's Day is a children's book called "My Beautiful Mommy", the brainchild of a plastic surgeon, to help mother's explain to their kid's about the plastic surgery mom is going to get. On one hand, I can...  |  the 19/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

The Company Feds Keep: Friend of Bush's Detroit Feds, Judicial Nominee Murphy Publishes Tribute to Terrorist Mastermind of Israeli Yeshiva Massacre; UPDATE: Fixed Graphic

By Debbie Schlussel **** UPDATE: I posted this earlier today, but had technical problems with the photo I posted. The JPEG of the Arab American News' and Osama Siblani's tribute to the terrorist who masterminded the Jerusalem school massacre of young[...]  |  the 17/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Nick "The Slasher" Denton cuts loose three blogs: Gridskipper, Idolator, and Wonkette [Blogging For Dollars]

Is Nick Denton going soft? Even his cutbacks are sentimental these days. In the old days, Denton, the publisher of Valleywag and 14 other Gawker Media blogs, would simply shutter blogs. These days, he worries first about finding them nice homes. Such[...]  |  the 15/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Mad mashup: Wi-fi umbrella screen with camera, GPS, compass

If you forget where you're going while you're trudging around watching the movie in the sky, you have a GPS and a compass to tell you just where you're lost in the woods. Pileus, the Wi-Fi Umbrella From Vous Pensez, It has a built-in camera that allows[...]  |  the 13/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

A sneak peak at an upcoming shirt designed by Wendy that hit the press this afternoon Today's edition of USA Today had a big article about a professor's "last lecture" from Carnegie Mellon. These talks from out-going faculty have since...  |  the 11/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Americans Find Out NASA Is Going Back to the Moon

Last night 60 Minutes ran an 11 minute piece on NASA's new Constellation program to return men to the moon -- and send woman for the first time -- and how those missions will help prepare for eventual trips to...  |  the 09/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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