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World Peace in a Passport: More Wisdom from Half of the Ambiguously Gay Damon-Affleck Duo

By Debbie Schlussel As I've repeatedly noted on this site and elsewhere over the years, world travel and more exposure between cultures and countries doesn't help us at all. In fact, it hurts us. The Muslims who come here from other countries hate us[...]  |  the 08/08/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Obesity policy: fat lot of good

With both Alan Johnson and David Cameron recently devoting speeches to lashing out at lard arses, the size of the average Briton’s waistline is clearly expanding, both literally and as a political issue. Over half the UK population – 53%, according[...]  |  the 02/08/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Support your local punk scene ? MAP - Je?sus Ben Laden  |  the 15/07/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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Kid star Josh Peck grows into more adult ?Wackness? role

When it came time to complete the transition from kid star to grown-up actor, Hilary Duff put a scorpion down her pants and grabbed a microphone to sing the double entendre-laden “I Want to Blow You Up” in this year’s film “War, Inc.” Safe to[...]  |  the 13/07/2008  |  Add or View Comment

The Morning Newsfeed: 07.09.08

Click here to receive's Daily Newsfeed via email. Third Man Climbs Times Building and Is Arrested (NYT/City Room) A man scaled the front of the New York Times building in Midtown Manhattan in the predawn darkness early this morning --[...]  |  the 11/07/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Marc Sageman on the battle for young Muslims' hearts and minds and the future of the leaderless jihad

The world’s most dangerous jihadists no longer answer to al-Qaeda. The terrorists we should fear most are self-recruited wannabes who find purpose in terror and comrades on the Web. This new generation is even more frightening and unpredictable than[...]  |  the 08/07/2008  |  Add or View Comment

George Jonas: Will Israel attack Iran? What's a pundit to say?

The policeman’s lot is not a happy one, as Gilbert and Sullivan pointed out, and neither is the journalist’s. The Middle East beat is a perfect place for ink-stained wretches to lose their bearings, fall flat on their faces and put their foot in their[...]  |  the 02/07/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Regardez comment ils traitent les femmes...

amour love homme femme egalite fraternite armee sang blood gaza sionisme imperialisme nazi hitler bombe missile iraq afghanistan terrorisme explosion humanite peur fear non no vie life crime genocide larme tear fin end jour jugement apocalypse election[...]  |  the 19/06/2008  |  Add or View Comment

"To the Western people" Oussama Ben Laden - 2008

Mai 2008. Message of Oussama Ben Laden. "to the western people" about 60 years of terrorist zionist state of Israel. -Mai 2008 Messsage d'Oussama Ben Laden sur les 60 ans d'Israel et les principales causes du conflit entre l'occident et les musulmans.[...]  |  the 02/06/2008  |  Add or View Comment finally sold at 5.88 million dollars

The bid started at 5.5 millions, it was closed at 5.88 millions only 5 days after it opened. I thought it would be more. I wonder who eventually got it? Let me guess...Ahmadinejad or Ben Laden certainly. ps: the information...  |  the 31/05/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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