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MarketWatch: Sap for Sipping, Baby Garlic, and Eggs of All Kinds

After a two-year hiatus, The Food Section's MarketWatch returns for its Spring 2008 edition. The new version, launching today, will be published monthly, with reports on what's fresh and new at the farmers markets in New York, San Francisco, and...  |  the 09/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

A colorful low-calorie, low-carb dinner

Halibut with Roasted Beets, Beet Greens, and Dill-Orange Gremolata from start to finish will be ready in 45 minutes. Gremolata is a mixture of herbs, garlic and citrus peel, usually used on osso-bucco. Using a wide variety of colors, flavors...  |  the 07/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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Fifteenth Century Frugality: Stewed Cold Cuts

Other people send you chocolate-flavoured candy - or if you're really lucky, real chocolate - for Easter. My mother sent me a leg of New Zealand lamb. Is she not awesome? (There was also a bottle of lovely rosé champagne, some baby potatoes & a bunch[...]  |  the 05/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Skype takes on the UK Curry Crisis

LONDON. 1 April 2008. After extensive investigation, the independent Skype Journal found a leaked prototype of the "Send Curry" button on the Skype 5 Beta for Windows. "It's part of our new direction" said Josh Silverman, Skype CEO. "We're serious corporate[...]  |  the 03/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Easter recipes from newspaper food sections

We're not hungry this year. Other years, we made butterflied lamb and feasted, but this year, we're looking at deviled eggs, salad, fruit... But spring brings lots of new choices. Here are some that showed up this week on the Web. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Cute[...]  |  the 01/04/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Tulips, Reggie the Robin and Seeds

Seed Stash Reggie the Robin guards the garlic and potato Tulips  |  the 26/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Easter Eats: Garlic and Herb-Crusted Lamb

Easter brings to mind chocolate bunnies, hard-boiled eggs, and, oh yes, savory meat dishes. As a self-described "garlic-dish gourmand," it is only fitting that I should christen my first blog post with a luscious lamb entrée shown on MyRecipes that,...[...]  |  the 22/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

quick and easy gluten free food

I have 2 fail safe dinners that I know I can rely on when I don't feel like standing in the kitchen for more than 30 mins Risotto Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius 1 cup arborio rice 2.5 cups of Vegeta stock stir in a ovenproof dish top with 4 tablespoons[...]  |  the 19/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Food and Wine Pairing is Just a Big Scam

Did I just say that? Yes I did. And increasingly I'm hearing it from wine professionals that I know -- spoken, of course, in hushed tones and off the record. Most professional sommeliers and wine writers wouldn't be caught dead uttering such terms in[...]  |  the 14/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment

Leap Year Day celebration winding down

Actually it will be officially over in an hour when I finish the piece of carrot cake that Chuck and Terry bought me before they left--I had half yesterday and the rest will end this year's celebration of my 18th birthday. This afternoon Allen and I went[...]  |  the 08/03/2008  |  Add or View Comment
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