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Syrian Protestors Scared to Use Facebook, Twitter - Mobiledia

Anti-government activists accuse authorities of watching Twitter feeds and Facebook in order to learn of planned protests and arrest those who show up. In fact, activists believe the government reopened the previously blocked social media sites earlier[...]  |  the 04/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Swedish Man Arrested For Trying to Split Atoms at Home

STOCKHOLM (AP) -- A Swedish man who was arrested after trying to split atoms in his kitchen said Wednesday he was only doing it as a hobby. Richard Handl told The Associated Press that he had the radioactive elements radium, americium and uranium in his[...]  |  the 04/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Stop wearing bunny suit, police tell Idaho man - Yahoo! News

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Police in Idaho Falls have told a man to stop wearing a bunny suit in public after people complained he has been frightening children. Residents in the northwestern city of 54,000 people also reported William Falkingham, 34,[...]  |  the 03/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment
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Detroit Bureau Uses Money Meant To Feed Poor To Buy $314 Trash Cans - The Consumerist

Three stainless-steel trash cans with motion-activated sensor lids: $314.93 each. A 500-lb capacity ottoman for the cafeteria: $469. Mahogany-finished conference room table: $3,000. The line items sound extravagant enough on their own. When you learn[...]  |  the 03/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment

If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen? « Talk About Equality

By this point, most of you have heard about the tragedy in Norway a few weeks ago when a Christian Fundamentalist murdered 77* people and injured another 96. The story has been well-covered by International media and the mainstream press here in the US. What[...]  |  the 02/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Fox Anchor Wonders If Moon Volcanoes Mean Global Warming Isn't Happening | Media Matters for America

NYE: Uh, no, volcanoes are not connected to the burning of fossil fuels, it's connected to mining, but the big thing for us, on my side of this thing, is the science is true, and so when you discover -- the people who got really got involved in climate[...]

mindglue : "And he gets pwned by Bill Nye."  |  the 01/08/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Paul Brandeis Raushenbush: The Karmapa: Tibetan Buddhism's Next Great Leader?

At first look, His Holiness The Seventeenth Gyalwang Karmapa is intimidating. Well built, self possessed, and with a keen glance, he walks more like a middle weight boxer than one of the most venerated religious figures in Tibetan Buddhism. As he moves[...]  |  the 30/07/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Most Valuable Antigues Roadshow Find Ever

Rhinoceros horn cups brought to the Antiques Roadshow on Saturday in Tulsa became the highest-value appraisal ever made by the PBS television show in its 16 year history. The unidentified man, who started collecting the carved Chinese cups inexpensively,[...]  |  the 30/07/2011  |  Add or View Comment

How Ayn Rand ruined my childhood -

My parents split up when I was 4. My father, a lawyer, wrote the divorce papers himself and included one specific rule: My mother was forbidden to raise my brother and me religiously. She agreed, dissolving Sunday church and Bible study with one swift[...]

mindglue : "And this is why I roll my eyes at Objectivists."  |  the 29/07/2011  |  Add or View Comment

Virtual world usage accelerates – Hypergrid Business

Virtual worlds gained 214 million new users in the second quarter of 2011, according to virtual worlds research firm KZero Worldwide.  |  the 29/07/2011  |  Add or View Comment
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