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Pop History - Families of the Fifties

Family life was very different in the Fifties. For starters, most probably it was a two a parent household. Both a Mom and a Dad.

barbaralee : "in some ways they must have been better, in some others, not"  |  the 06/04/2010  |   1 Comments 

Guardian Unlimited Money

Step 1 - Type of Account  |  the 22/03/2010  |  Add or View Comment

love my family

love my family  |  the 11/03/2010  |   2 Comments 

Should You Have a Baby?

It's one of the biggest decisions we make in our lives. And sometimes, spouses don't see eye to eye on the matter. Ideally, you should talk to your partner about having children before marriage. If you're already in a committed lifelong relationship and[...]  |  the 09/03/2010  |   2 Comments 

Tax System: Best Research Tax Credit in Europe

The research tax credit (crédit impôt recherche – CIR) is a corporate tax relief measure based on R&D expenses incurred by firms operating in France.  |  the 02/03/2010  |   1 Comments 

One Bad and Eight Good Reasons to Cut Taxes

Advocates of high taxes have denounced President Bush's preferred tax-cut argument--it will help the economy--as outmoded Keynesianism. They have a point.  |  the 09/02/2010  |   1 Comments 

Working Tax Credits Rule

If you want to give up the job you hate to concentrate on the work love, you don't mind financial hardship, but you want to get by without going on the dole, then this guide is for you.

barbaralee : "depending on the State?"  |  the 04/02/2010  |   1 Comments 

Foreign Tax Credit - Special Issues

You can make or change your choice to claim a deduction or credit at any time during the period within 10 years from the due date for filing the return for the tax year for which you make the claim. You make or change your choice on your tax return (or[...]  |  the 01/02/2010  |   1 Comments 

Children's Tax Credit Relief: How to claim

Parents eligible for Children's Tax Credit Relief have until 31 January to make their claim.  |  the 25/01/2010  |   2 Comments 

Tax revenue

Tax revenue are the income that is gained by governments because of taxation of the people. Just as there are different types of tax, the form in which tax revenue is collected also differs; furthermore, the agency that collects the tax may not be part[...]  |  the 21/01/2010  |  Add or View Comment