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Midwest Engine Service

Midwest Engine Service is a full service auto repair and engine machine shop. Since 1989, we have offered service, repair and engine rebuilding of automobile, marine, truck and RV engines. Our goal is to offer the best in service and care for your vehicle,[...]

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Car Loans

Finally a website that can help you! You have tried to get a car loan from a dealership right? Car loans from dealerships are not made for people like us, they are made for 1% of people who have somehow managed to avoid by luck or bravery all of the pitfalls[...]

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Car Repair Loans Car

Every day auto service centers lose money by turning away customers who can’t afford the cost of automobile repairs. Drivers struggle to find a way to get to work, because they can’t afford to fix their vehicles. Truckers struggle to maintain their[...]

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The end of the road for the car?

It is almost 100 years since Henry Ford's young motoring company launched the Model-T, the car that "put America on wheels" and triggered a revolution in human mobility.

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Taxes: what is the credit for the elderly and disabled?

The Credit for the Elderly and Disabled was designed by the IRS to provide tax relief to people of a certain age or who are suffering from some sort of disability. In order to qualify for the credit, you must be a U.S. citizen or resident, and fulfill[...]

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Tips for boosting your credit score

If you're thinking about buying a house or a car, your credit score is a very important number.

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Compare immediate car credit mediations in long beach

The following text wyoming concerning the things that juan come into mind Ballard when we raise the amarillo topic of immediate car credit mediations in long beach california council lewiston is expected to try control to support your effort mailed to[...]

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Organizing for America

Ends discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions.

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Approach Immediate Car Loan Finance Companies!

Are you in need of a car loan quickly? But you are running on a bad credit score? If yes, then you can opt for loans. You need not worry if your attempts to avail a loan have been failing. It is true that a bad credit score poses a threat to avail car[...]

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Tires: broken tire valve, front wheel alignment, hub cap

Hi, The right front tire valve has been sliced off twice. The service tech tells me it's the hub cap but I have switched all of them around and it's only the right front tire that has this problem. When the hub cap is on, after driving awhile, the valve[...]

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